A Year With My Camera, Book 1: The ultimate photography workshop for complete beginners (Volume 1)

A Year With My Camera, Book 1: The ultimate photography workshop for complete beginners (Volume 1)

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This is more than a book – it’s a unique way to learn photography. Grab your camera and a pen, and start ticking off what you know, filling in what you’ve learnt, and practising every week. Every chapter has just one skill to learn, and comes with a detailed explanation, plenty of examples, and a project to complete. There are tests to make sure you understand, and a Facebook group you can join to ask questions. This is Book 1 in a 2 part series: in this book are the lessons to take you from January to mid-May, and Book 2 will finish the year. This is a practical workbook, printed in black and white, designed to be written in and picked up every week – not a coffee table book to put on your shelf and never look at. Be warned – there are plenty of photographs and illustrations, but they are not colour and they are not fine art quality. This workbook is designed for you to make progress with, not to sit on a shelf looking pretty. To make the most of the first 6 chapters you need a camera with manual controls – one that you can change the aperture and shutter speed on. If you’ve ever struggled with your big camera, you’ll love the way the course is structured. Everything you need to know, nothing you don’t need to know, and everything in the right order. You check that you’ve understood each chapter before you move on, and you can watch yourself making progress week by week. In 1 month you will understand all the manual controls on your camera. In 3 months you will not only understand, but remember all the controls, and you’ll be taking photos you’re proud of. And if you carry on with Book 2, in 12 months you’ll be the best photographer you know. Most people who open this book breath a sigh of relief, realising they don’t have to learn everything all at once. It’s a very liberating approach to photography. You will start by building the foundations (chapters 1-6), and then, with a solid base to support you, you will grow your creativity and find your personal style (chapters 7-18).

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