Excelvan 2000W Photography Studio LED Lighting Kit 20x25” Auto Pop-up Soft Box with 80” Light Stand and 135W LED La...

Excelvan 2000W Photography Studio LED Lighting Kit 20×25” Auto Pop-up Soft Box with 80” Light Stand and 135W LED La…

Price: $103.99 - $88.99
(as of Apr 12,2018 14:27:56 UTC – Details)

●The options are endless with this portrait lighting kit! Two soft boxes balance the light on each side of the subject with the overhead
●boom lights from the top to create depth between your subject and the background. Go from shooting still stop video with beautify
●This is a Excelvan complete studio kit. Nothing additional is needed to make this system work. Enjoy it now!

3x 20×25″ Photography Studio Softbox with E27 Light Holder
①Soften lighting with soft box for reducing overexposure and hot spots.
②Detachable curtain and small soft cloth to provide soft, very forgiving, shadow free illumination that makes even a beginner look
like a pro photographer, videographer or filmmaker.
③Color: Black/silver (out/in).
④Size: 50x67cm/20x25inch.

3x 80″ Professional Studio Photo Light Stands
①3 sections centre column and easy height adjustment.
②Quick release levers, allowing full and smooth height adjustment.
③Compatible with all major photo equipment, including reflector umbrella, softboxes, lights, backgrounds, photography lights.
④1/4″ screw is suitable for most photographic equipment.

3x 135W Soft White Bulb Lighting Set
①Style: Mushroom/umbrella shaped spiral.
②Protected by styrofoam packing.
③Designed for umbrella reflector with high performance.

1x Boom Arm Reflector Holder Kit: 53″ Boom Arm + Holder Arm Grip + Sand Bag
①Strong enough for most lights with a soft box or large umbrella.

Package Included:
●3x Excelvan 20 x25″ Softbox Reflector with E27 Light Holder
●3x Excelvan 80″ Tall Studio Output Umbrella Flash Strobe Light Stand
●2x Excelvan Photo Light Bulb 135W 5500K Daylight Balanced Pure White Light
●1x Excelvan Boom Arm Reflector Holder Kit: 53″ Long Boom Arm + Holder Arm Grip + Sand BagSoft Box: Made of high quality imported fabric high-reflecting and high temperature resistant material. Refraction reflective capacity is twice as common particles of reflective cloth.
Stand: Three stands can be used as both light stand and camera stand with adjustable height 70-200cm/27-80inch. Made of three knots aluminum, stable, durable, lightweight and portable.
Bulb: Pure white daylight lamp tone, 5500k, just made for photography. Energy saving compact fluorescent spiral bulb, save energy up to 80%.
Arm: Adjustable height with 65-135cm/25.5-53inch. 2-sections telescopic holder arm. Max loading weight of 2kg/4.4lb and comes with sandbag for balance.
Warranty: 1 year with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns guaranteed. Perfect for portraits, product shots and video.

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